What Do I Need to Make My Workplace COVID Secure?

Let’s first establish why we need to be COVID secure.

Staff illness causes a significant loss in productivity. In 2017 British firms lost over £77 billion due to sick staff.

Beyond this financial incentive, employers have a legal obligation to protect employees from harm, whether it’s from COVID-19, workplace hazards, or future viruses.

Now let’s find out what you need to make your workplace COVID secure!

Physical Barriers are Best

In high traffic areas, such as open plan offices, entry/exit points and canteens, the government advises: “where possible put in place physical impervious barriers (eg Perspex in reception areas) to reduce contact”.

Our clear acrylic screens and desk dividers are the perfect combination of protection and practicality, a physical barrier that reduces contact without cutting off communication. With a range of sizes and fixings available, these can be used in all the key areas identified by the government.

All our screens are made to be easily positioned, cleaned, and transported.

The Holt Acrylic Screens (1)

Signage is also Key

The government also highlights the importance of signage, advising you to:

“Provide signage and ways to communicate to non-employees what they need to do to maintain social distancing” and “Display signs to remind people to socially distance”

Informational signage can be provided to meet the government advice and insure COVID security.

The signage we recommend includes:

  • Max. occupancy signage for lifts, rooms, and on-site areas
  • Signage to remind people to wash/sanitise hands
  • Customer access hours signage (perfect if you’re looking to prioritise customer groups or split working hours)
  • Signs to remind people to socially distance

The government also advises to:

“Place markers on the floor (eg in lifts) to indicate where people should stand and the direction they should face”

Our floor signage is printed vinyl, laminated with an R12 anti-slip laminate.

Perfect for:

  • Marking a one-way system
  • Marking zones
  • Indicating drop zones for passing materials between people
  • Reminders of safe social distance
  • Marking controlled parking spaces

To sum things up...

With a combination of screens, directional and informational signage, you’ll be able to greatly reduce workplace infections, ensuring a healthy and productive work environment.

Get in touch and we can put together a signage package to ensure your workplace is COVID-secure.

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