Is Your Indoor Venue COVID-Secure?

After months of closure, your indoor venue can finally reopen again on the 17th of May as we all move one step further on the roadmap out of lockdown. Exciting times! But stressful times, as you need to ensure your indoor venue is COVID secure.

Businesses in almost all sectors will be allowed to open their doors. This includes indoor hospitality like pubs and restaurants, as well as indoor entertainment (cinemas, children’s play areas, museums), indoor accommodation (hotels, hostels, B&Bs), and indoor leisure (adult group sports, exercise classes).

But no matter the sector you’re in, reopening is only allowed when your business provides appropriate COVID-secure guidance for guests, customers, and employees alike. 

Your business needs to meet government guidelines to help everyone stay safe. From protective screens for employees to sanitation stations for customers. By COVID-securing your venue, you ensure that you too can be back in business on the 17th of May. So what are those requirements?

You’ll find a list of important measures you should take – and how to get them sorted – in the overview below. Everything you need to safely reopen your doors again!

Key measures to open your doors safely

As a business, you’re responsible for the safety of both your employees and your customers. Here are a few examples of how you can do your bit to keep everyone safe.

Protective screens

From screens on reception desks to floor standing screens for queue or table separation. Protective screens help stop the spread of the virus as they provide a physical barrier between people. 

This decreases direct contact and transmission of the virus, which can happen through speaking or sneezing. That’s why these screens are sometimes also called sneeze screens.

By installing such safety screens, you not only help protect your guests as they enjoy your services, but it means your staff can come to work knowing they’re protected too.

Protective screens are usually made of high-strength, see-through acrylic. They can be custom-designed, manufactured, and installed on your property within just a few days. Adding these screens is the first step to ensure your workplace is COVID-secure.

For more information, please visit our separate protective screens page.

COVID-19 Secure Desk Dividers

Floor signage for social distancing

The current government guidelines state that people should stay at least one metre apart wherever possible. But no matter whether you run a pub or organise group exercise classes, ensuring your customers follow this rule can be difficult. That’s why some organisation on your part is essential before you can reopen.

In most cases, you will need to create a floor plan and add floor markings to urge people to keep their distance. In particular, one-way walking systems and one-metre floor markings can help ensure social distancing is followed indoors.

Now how you actually decide to indicate this is up to you. For example, you can put simple arrows on your floor to guide guests in the right direction, as part of your museum floor plan. Or you can map out square metre blocks so people can easily see if they are at least one metre apart while enjoying joint exercise classes in your gym.

Regardless of the industry you operate in, often the best and easiest way to add floor signage is by using hard-wearing printed vinyl. These vinyl sheets can be custom printed with your design or text of choice. They are self-adhesive, easy to clean, and generally come with a slip-resistant top. Quality floor vinyl like this tends to last for up to six months.

Sanitiser Stations

It is mandatory to add sanitiser stations in key areas of contact around your indoor venue. This encourages people to sanitise their hands regularly, especially before and after coming in contact with other people. Locations where sanitiser stations are required include entrances and exits, toilets, and till points.

As with all forms of COVID-secure signage, how you decide to design it is up to you. This means you can adhere to government guidelines while staying in line with your business’ brand.

For example, you can add hand-washing graphics in your company’s colours, or you can add an explanatory vinyl sign above the sanitiser in your brand’s tone of voice. This helps you keep everyone safe while staying in line with your branding. And that leads us to the next point.

Automatic Sanitiser Stations

Explantory Signage

To personalise how you make your indoor venue COVID secure you can add different forms of branded explanatory signage. This means you follow government guidelines but still give guests a unique customer experience tailored to your brand.

For example, you can clarify your wayfinding and social distancing guidelines by placing a freestanding pavement sign at the entrance of your venue. Or how about adding custom printed vinyl signs on your walls to explain how you are committed to keeping everyone safe?

By creating such signage in your company’s colours and tone of voice you show your customers you do more than just the bare minimum and that your brand values their safety.

Making Your Indoor Venue COVID-Secure

There is a lot to do before you can reopen your indoor business, but not to worry. 

By following the measures listed above you’re well on your way to ensuring your indoor venue is COVID secure. They’re effective yet personal ways to show your customers and colleagues that you care about their well-being. And we’re here to help you get everything sorted.

So get in touch now and have your COVID secure signage solutions designed, manufactured, and installed in no time. Let’s work together to get the nation back indoors safely!

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