Choosing The Right Banner


At Butler Signs, we produce a range of banners for a range of different purposes.

Here's a rundown of some of our most popular banners.

Standard Banners

Our standard banners are printed on a PVC mesh banner material that is strong enough for most typical uses, but still an affordable price.

Our banners are all hemmed as standard using specialist banner hemming tape, but we do also offer sewn hems for banners that need additional strength, or if a more traditional style is preferred.


Double-Sided Banners

To ensure crisp images both sides of the banner, we use a thicker material which has a block-out core. This stops the print on the opposite side showing through even in strong sunlight.

Like our single sided banners these are hemmed as standard, but as the material is tougher we can offer them without a hem to save money.


Mesh Banners

If your banner is likely to be under high wind loading using a mesh material is far better than standard banner.

Being a mesh, it allows the majority of any wind that hits the face to pass through. An older solution to high wind loading areas was to cut a horse shoe shape into an area of the banner to try to allow the wind through, however this is much less visually appealing and testing has shown that it’s very ineffective.

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Roll-up & Pull-up Banners

These are less about the material and more about the presentation, pull up banners come in a free standing case that the banner rolls up into when not in use.

We can supply a range of pull up banner cassettes depending on your budget.

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