Fixtures & Fittings


Screw & Bolt

What They Are

Perhaps the most common fixture, screws and bolts come in a range of sizes and finishes. The screw is fastened onto to the bolt to secure the sign in place.

How We Use Them

We find that we most frequently use screws and bolts on our post mounted signs. We fasten our sign panels to brackets, then mount these on the posts, securing them in place with the screws and bolts.


Stud Fixings

What They Are

Stud fixings are threaded metal rods, that are typically mounted to the rear of cut letters. These are then fed into pre-drilled holes.

How We Use Them

We've used stud fixings in the past to achieve flush finishes on our cut letters. They're an ideal solution when hiding the fixing is essential.



What They Are

Locators come in two pieces, and snap together to hold the signage in place.

How We Use Them

We use locators on the majority of our cut-letter signage. Locators allow us to have the letters stand away from the surface.


Stand Offs

What They Are

Stand-offs give sign panels clearance from the surface they're mounted to.

How We Use Them

We find that we use locators most frequently in our acrylic signs. We mount an acrylic panel in front of a separate sign panel using stand-offs, an effect that can be seen on the examples below.

stand off-01

Hanging Fixings

What They Are

We use a variety of hanging fixings, from cables and hooks, to systems using magnets.

How We Use Them

We use cable systems on our suspended signage, as well as on many of our banners.


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