Is There Anything That Can't Be Branded?


It is fairly common for customers to come to us with requests to add branding to various unusual items, and to the best of my knowledge we have not yet come across anything that cannot be branded in some way.

Promotional Items

The most common reason for adding branding to items is for promotional purposes, businesses giving away free branded pens is probably the most common example of this that most people will be familiar with. While the common examples are useful in terms of being something that most people will have a use for and hold on to for use, coming up with more unusual ideas can really pay off as it is more likely to stand out to a customer as a unique item. Anything like this is best done with a fairly permanent - smaller items are generally printed with either pad printing or UV printing depending on the run sizes.

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Creating Professional Image

Other reasons for branding can be about creating a professional image, for example branded uniforms for employees. Clothing is typically branded with either screen printing or heat press vinyl, however direct to garment printing is improving in quality and affordability year on year so could become another standard, although it is still fairly unusual for most companies.

Branding around a workplace is an extension of signage, so we are very frequently involved in this sort of branding. Adding a logo or corporate colour wrap to a reception desk is an ideal way to carry your branding into the very decor of your office. Larger items like this can use signage grade vinyls or decals for branding.


Theft Prevention

Adding your company’s branding to equipment is also an excellent idea for deterring theft and helping with recovery of equipment in the event of any items being stolen.

For this application it’s worth considering the most durable branding methods such as engraving or high tack vinyl decals. These being harder to remove make it a lot easier for police to identify the rightful owner of equipment and return it.


With such a range of branding methods available it’s no surprise that there isn’t very much that can’t be branded - sometimes it just takes a bit of imagination to figure out the best way to achieve the branding.

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