New Year, New Printer



Now we are back and fully in the swing of the new year, we can very happily announce that we have started the new year with a brand new printer!

Our new Epson S80600 is a bit of an upgrade from our trusty Roland VS640 (which is still working as our primary print and cut machine), having a wider colour gamut allowing us to hit just about any colour you might want.

This is thanks to a different ink setup, which adds orange, light cyan, light magenta and red to the normal CMYK inks. This will give us a wider range of colours, in particular oranges, which can be hard to hit with a traditional CMYK setup. It also give us the option to print white and metallic colours, which in the past we’ve relied on layering cut vinyl to achieve, so this could help cut down on our plastic use!

We’ve already completed a few jobs with the new printer and we are very happy with the results so far!

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