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A rebrand can change dozens of things, so here's a quick checklist to make sure nothing gets forgotten!

Having a rebrand is about so much more than just having a new logo designed. While design is at the core of a rebrand, an existing company changing their branding is likely to be met with a huge amount of physical products to change to match. This can lead to items being overlooked which weakens the impact of your rebrand. To help avoid this, here is a handy checklist of things to consider.

Physical Assets

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External Signage

While people say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, just about everyone does and as the first thing any visitors will see of you company having the “shop front” on brand is absolutely crucial. Don’t forget if you have dedicated parking spaces or signs directing people to your location these will all need to be considered too.

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Internal Signage

When looking around make sure you consider anything that you have printed and put up yourself, such as memos or notices, which might have a logo displayed on them. The rebrand should be a good time to consider having something more professional put up in their place.

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If you have have any company vehicles that have branding on them (even just small graphics to identify them) they shouldn’t be overlooked, after all this is a very public facing part of your business that could be seen by large numbers of people every day. A lot of larger companies will tie rebrands into updating their fleet, so if you are looking at replacing a vehicle it is worth considering if your branding needs updating at the same time.



Think very hard about anywhere you have advertised, if you have a standing advert arrangement (whether that is in print or online) you will need to have the artwork updated accordingly. It’s also worth searching around websites that might link to your company to make sure any logos they are using are up to date.

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While a notepad with your logo on might not seem like a top priority to rebrand it’s worth considering where those pieces of paper will end up. Labels, Name Badges and Folders - all these little things are incredibly easy to forget about as they will generally only feature a very small logo but leaving them unchanged will weaken the impact of your rebrand.


Business Cards

It can be tempting to just use up the stock that you have, but that could take a long time and the bigger your business the harder it can be to track. It’s generally best to make a clean break, send all the old cards for recycling and order some new ones as part of the rebrand.

Digital Assets

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It sounds obvious but it’s not uncommon for an old logo to be left on a webpage far too long after a rebrand. Often it might just be that specific pages haven’t been updated correctly, you really do need to go over your website with a fine tooth comb to make sure all the new branding is implemented correctly.

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Social Media

Another often overlooked area of web presence, keeping your logos up to date can be particularly easy to forget if you aren’t massively active on social media or outsource management of your social media content.

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Email Footers

These are almost certainly going to be noticed by your customers, it is very important to make sure they are up to date with all of your employees.

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Digital Files

Forms, Powerpoints, any internal documents - Anything kept digitally that is likely to be reused really should be updated too. Powerpoint presentations are one of those things often neglected, particularly when they are only used once or twice a year but should not be overlooked, often if they are missed on the initial rebrand they can be bought out time and time again with the wrong logo.

All this sounds like an awful lot of work, but ultimately it comes down to identifying where your logo is displayed and it really does pay to think hard about this and update at much as possible at once.

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