The Strangest Things To Be Wrapped


Most people are now at least vaguely aware of vehicle wrapping as a practice, but a lot of people wouldn’t consider that the same process could be used to wrap other things. Whenever I meet anyone who wraps vehicles I always ask them what the most unusual thing they’ve ever wrapped is and had some great responses.

Cold Room Wrap 2
My own answer to that question...

A walk in chiller!

A customer who was having a large walk in cold room installed wanted the paneling to look more natural than the standard cold room panels so we offered them a range of wood effect vinyls - these are textured wrapping vinyls which can really transform the appearance of a surface. The finished cold room was quite something to behold - for a small space it made quite an elegant change to the otherwise functional finish of the panels.

Or how about...

A wrapped washing machine?

One vehicle wrapper told me of how they had once wrapped the inside of a clear plastic washing machine. This sounds crazy on the face of it, but it was a promotional prototype that the manufacturer wanted to have looking like it had clothes inside when it didn’t so a printed wrap was the ideal solution.

Another wrapper told me a more sombre tale of wrapping a coffin. It was actually for a friend of his who had sadly passed quite young, but this friend was also a vehicle wrapper so it was actually quite a nice tribute to their friendship.

guitar wrap
A musical twist?

Making a mass-produced item unique.

It is worth remembering that vinyl can be applied to just about any smooth surface so can help makes some fairly common objects far more unique. Musical instruments are a great example where a fairly mass produced item can be turned into something far more creative and unique. Printed wrap vinyl can be especially effective in this case, adding a truly unique design will make your musical instrument bespoke to you.

A new lease of life for tired furniture, or an excellent branding opportunity...

Wrapping furniture is becoming increasingly more common.

Particularly in businesses where customers are likely to visit. Wrapped furniture can help carry a brand across an entire office, either by simply making all colours matching and consistent to your brand or even adding printed logos. It can be a particularly effective way of breathing life into older office furniture like grey filing cabinets that have become rather dull and tired looking with age.

Show your tech some love!

Vinyl wraps have also been used extensively on computers, laptops and gaming consoles.

There are a lot of places where you can purchase “sticker skin kits” for various tech, these are a bit of a poor equivalent of having a proper wrap done, they are pre-cut stickers which are generally on a poorer vinyl than try wrapping vinyl which allows for a small amount of customisation covering the flatter areas of an item. Having a true wrap allows for complete coverage and are less likely to peel as there are fewer points where there might be exposed edges.

From laptops, to fridges!

Larger appliances can also take a vinyl wrap.

A wrapped fridge might sound very unusual but you’d be surprised how effective they can be for marketing campaigns or events. Printed vinyl wrap vinyl means just about any branding can be added in a way that will be hard wearing but can also be removed with relative ease when it is no longer needed. It could also be done in the home with some quirky designs to give a kitchen a real talking point!

fridge wrap
To conclude...

Vinyl wraps are a versatile way to add a lot of character to otherwise run of the mill objects, with a little creativity and imagination there is virtually no limit to what can be achieved!

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