The Hidden Benefits Of Signage


Every business uses signage to some extent. If you’re still deciding whether to purchase signage, you should consider all the hidden benefits.

See Your Sign As An Investment

Your sign should be considered an investment that will bring value to your business. Don’t just think of a sign as something you must have because other businesses have them. Certain signs may benefit your business more than others and vice versa. Therefore, we would highly recommend working with a professional & experienced signage company who will be able to create enticing & engaging signs that fit your needs perfectly.

Information & Data Age

You might think that physical signs are irrelevant in the modern age because of all the digital advertisements out there. However, the opposite is true because people are becoming immune to, and more aware of digital advertisements. They’ve taken over television, social media, movies, and email. We have found that traditional methods continue to have a big impact on businesses. Some of our customers have reported that physical signage has generated more revenue than their online tactics.

In fact, we have found that people are more likely to respond to a physical advertisement than to a digital advertisement. This is likely due to the quantity and speed at which digital advertisements are thrown at people.

Proof of The Power of Signage

Studies by the Sign Research Foundation have shown the true power of signage:


Of all consumers had driven past a business they were looking for because it had inadequate signage.


Of consumers gave up on trying to find the business they were looking for because it had illegible or small signage.


Of retail shoppers believe that sign quality is an indication of product quality.


Of retail shoppers make decisions in the store based on the store signs and the information they provide.

One hotel chain found that when moving their sign to a less conspicuous location it resulted in a drop of occupancy rates by over 30%. This really does show the true power of physical signage in the modern world.

Get Started with Your Signage

So, the location, quality, finish and layout of your sign has a direct correlation to the performance & perception of your business. Well designed & manufactured signage really can increase your turnover.

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