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Customers are more likely to return if they have the best possible time, have you considered how your signage might impact on their visit?

At Butler Signs we understand that your main sign needs to tell the customer exactly what to expect from your establishment and can help get the best out of your business. Some of our customers are amongst the highest rated restaurants in the Newbury area on Tripadvisor.


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The bar and restaurant sector provides people with a chance to sit back and relax in a comforting atmosphere. The ambience of your establishment is an important driving factor in long term profitability.

External signage is most important in the bar and restaurant industry. With new bars and restaurants opening every day, signage is a fundamental asset to a thriving business. Butler Signs can offer your bar or restaurant eye-catching projecting signs that that break into the view of passing customers. From flat-panel designs to fully illuminated light boxes, we promise people will take notice.

However, external signage is only one part of the puzzle. To entice potential customers inside and keep them as regular customers, your signage standards must be maintained internally, from the use of light boxes to display your menu, to clear point-of-sale wayfinding signs.

Internal lighting is also essential to maintain a welcoming atmosphere inside your establishment. As a restaurant or bar owner, you will know that each table is paying for their own experience.

In this ever-changing industry, you must remain vigilant to changing trends. Signage from Butler Signs can forge your business identity in a saturated market and ensure you remain at the forefront of this industry for years to come.