Celebrity & Event Signage

Events are the perfect opportunity to advertise your brand, and in today’s online oriented world, social media outlets are especially important. Whether you want people to like your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram, the implementation of a hashtag can be a great way for pictures and comments about your event to go viral. Of course, this can be even more influential at celebrity events where online followings can be well into the millions.

These hashtags and social media handles can be involved in many ways, such as on banners attached to crowd control barricades. Events can be especially hectic and confusing, which is why communication is vital in running a successful event. Signage plays a key role in this through clear and visible restroom, exit and information point signs. All coming together to provide an easy going and enjoyable experience.

Don’t be held back by the architecture of your event, allow Butler Signs to create individually catered architectural signage that takes advantage of the environment and works into the surrounding structure of the event.

No matter the occasion, implementation of these signage methods into your event is a sure-fire way to create a lasting memory on attendees and give your brand awareness the boost it needs.





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