Office & Studio Signage

Office signs reflect who you are as a business. Professional and appropriate mood enhancing signs can elicit a noticeable improvement in staff motivation and moral.

Signs in the lobby ensure you start the experience off on the right foot, such as clear and visible wayfinding in the form of floor or suspended signage.

Wall mounted notice boards that display information clearly to avoid confusion amongst colleagues, are a simple yet effect method of improving efficiency in the work place. A Butler Signs scroll case would be extremely suitable in an office or studio setting. We can also design & print custom branded whiteboards to reinforce your brand during meetings and impress your clients.

Although the offices of today are becoming more open plan, there is still a need for privacy in certain areas. To do this without compromising on light, we can provide one of our many window film solutions, such as privacy film. Available in frosted, etched, mirror and tinted finishes.

You must incorporate branding into every sign that you purchase to help build your brand awareness and create a congruent theme throughout. Focusing on signage in your office or studio is a large step in the right direction when it comes to creating the ideal environment for staff morale and increasing productivity.

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