Retail & Shop Signage

With the current dominance of online shopping and the closure of many large name retail stores, it has never been more important to use multiple marketing strategies to keep your shop thriving. An often overlooked and underutilised market strategy is the use of signage. Making your premises visually stand out should be at the top of your list of priorities.

Just because you haven’t opened your store yet doesn’t mean you can’t advertise. Get a jump start by using one of our hoarding boards to alert passers-by. Once open, a board, banner or projecting sign can be applied to the exterior of your shop to stand out amongst competing shops.

The shop window is a big determining factor in whether or not someone simply walks by, or stops to come inside. Our lighting solutions can help promote your storefront and shine a spotlight on current ‘in trend’ products that your business is pushing.

Not everyone coming into your store has a specific product in mind, a lot of people will come inside to ‘browse’. To turn these potentials into paying customers, it is vital to place wayfinding signs throughout the premises. This can be done through the use of our directional signs, including floor graphics.

Giving the customer an effortless experience from the moment they notice shop, is what turns a one-time customer into a returning one.



Projecting Signs

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