Wayfinding Signage

A well implemented and working wayfinding system should be non-intrusive and guide people in an unfamiliar environment to their desired destination. The use of our lighting solutions, such as ‘tube & trough’ and modern LED will subconsciously direct people in a subtle manner.

In cases where a more noticeable approach is needed, Butler Signs can help you design a striking monolith, ideal for marking the route and attracting attention. We also provide lettering and logos with several different 3D effects, along with front lit and halo lighting.

Living in a very health and safety conscious world it is vital that in the event of an emergency, wayfinding signage takes any of the thought that may lead to human error out of the equation. People should not have any concern or doubt whatsoever as to the message of the wayfinding signs.

Not only do we offer fire rated signs, but fire prevention and protection are on the forefront of our mind when it comes to our manufacturing process. We can provide substrates and vinyl’s that are classified as self-extinguishing, meaning they cannot support a flame after the source of the flame is withdrawn.

Well placed wayfinding signage creates an efficient environment for people to shop in. Resulting in less disgruntled shoppers and increased sales revenue.

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