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A well implemented and working wayfinding system should be non-intrusive and guide people in an unfamiliar environment to their desired destination. The use of our lighting solutions, such as ‘tube & trough’ and modern LED will subconsciously direct people in a subtle manner.

In cases where a more noticeable approach is needed, Butler Signs can help you design a striking monolith, ideal for marking the route and attracting attention. We also provide lettering and logos with several different 3D effects, along with front lit and halo lighting.

Living in a very health and safety conscious world it is vital that in the event of an emergency, wayfinding signage takes any of the thought that may lead to human error out of the equation. People should not have any concern or doubt whatsoever as to the message of the wayfinding signs.

Well placed wayfinding signage creates an efficient environment for people to shop in. Resulting in less disgruntled shoppers and increased sales revenue.

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Wayfinding exists everywhere. Most of us who stay in the same location do not notice signage as much because we already know where to go. But for people who are traveling to new locations, they would be totally lost without signage to guide them on their journey.

Wayfinding is the key to navigation in the modern world. Their purpose is to guide you to specific places by telling you where to turn, how much further until you get somewhere, and where to park. You can use maps and GPS devices to guide you in the general direction of the destination, but it’s the signage which ensures that you actually find it.

In the old days, different forms of wayfinding were used by our ancestors. Instead of actual signage which spelt out where to go, they would make carvings and irregularities in the terrain to guide others in the right direction. But as civilizations developed and people learned how to read, written signs were used. Now we have street signs, business signs, bathroom signs, office signs, and any other type of signs you can think of.

Now we’re in the 21st century, and wayfinding has undergone another innovation. Since our society puts a lot of emphasis on vanity and beauty, the expectations for the appearance of signage are also greater. Instead of just printing text on a big sign, people want to see more vibrant and unique signage. For instance, signage with lighting solutions and LED technology are trending like crazy.

Due to the sophistication of these signs, you’ll need a professional sign creator to make them for your business or organisation. Butler Signs just so happens to be one of the sign designers in the UK which specialise in modern signage.

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