We can create several different styles of 3D lettering to make your sign stand out. With a variety of materials and finishes to choose from, our team will help you find the best choice for your needs.

Built Up Letters

Flat cut letters can be produced from either acrylic or aluminium composite and can be fitted either on locators for a stand out effect or directly to signage for a more subtle 3D appearance.

Flat Cut Letters

Built Up Letters give a much more impressive 3D finish. Made from aluminium, these letters truly stand out from the sign and are hard wearing and durable.

Built Up Letters with Halo Lighting

For an even more impressive finish Halo lighting can also be added. Placing lights behind the lettering creates an eye catching glow. With modern LED technology a variety of colours are available.

Front Lit

Front Lit lettering is similar to Built up lettering, but with the face of the letters made from a translucent acrylic, which allows lights fitted behind the letters to illuminate the face.

Push Through Letters

Push Through Letters can look similar to flat cut letters, but they are slightly different as they are produced by pushing acrylic letters through a fret cut sign tray. This offers the benefit of allowing the lettering to be illuminated in a similar manor to front lit letters.

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