The Power of the Signage Consultant!

Whether you’re in need of signage for a new facility, or considering signage for your stores, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you want, don’t you? But, just as you’d ask the maitre d’ which wine he’d recommend to go with the Creamy Tuscan Salmon, some things in life work better with advice from an expert.

When it comes to signs, your business needs a signage consultant.


First things first - What is a signage consultant?

It’s a fair question. Your friendly neighbourhood signage consultant is someone with substantial industry knowledge and experience. They work with customers, not in the back office, and they are your entry point for any signage projects. They lead you through the whole process and bridge the gap between you and each expert team working on your signage.

Your concierge, if you will.

Most mid to large signage companies will have dedicated consultants to support you in your project.

Why do I need a signage consultant?

Another good question!

Well, there are 3 particular reasons why having a signage consultant on your team improves the outcomes of your project. And makes the whole process easier for you.

1. They know the industry inside out

Having an expert on your team brings you results. Expert knowledge and experience allows your consultant to turn ideas into projects, and projects into physical products. You end up with something that looks just as you imagined it - and works in your space.

Every industry has its jargon, and the signage industry is no different. Your consultant will know all the industry terms and technical jargon for things like 2D letters, 3D letters, types of illumination, different manufacturing methods, substrates, and all the acronyms that baffle you. They’ll be able to explain to you what’s going on, and recommend what’s best for your brand and location.

For example, your consultant will have an ear to the ground on planning consents. Did you know that there is a type of signage you can display which doesn’t need the planning authority’s specific consent? Your signage consultant did!

2. They know the potential pitfalls

Your signage consultant will have been through many projects before, and faced many different challenges. You get the benefit of all this experience as it means they will know exactly which costly mistakes to avoid, getting your job right the first time.

As experts of signage they ensure that the right product is created for the right location. It’s the little things that make the difference; like anti-graffiti film in high-footfall areas (to make sure that it’s your brand people are seeing and not the latest tag). Or 316 grade stainless steel in coastal areas, because as great as sea salt is in your stews, it’s not good for brand awareness.

3. They have the resources

Connections are everything, and your signage consultant will know just who to call. They’ll know the right contractor for preliminary work, the right official to speak to in the planning department, and they’ll have them all on speed dial. All this saves you hours on the phone going round in bureaucratic circles battling with “Press 1 for…”

As well as knowing the right people, they'll know how the different departments work. They’re usually part of a full-service signage company, and have worked with all these stakeholders many times before. You’re talking to someone who can pull precisely the right strings!

Introducing your perfect signage consultant!

If you haven’t guessed it already, we at Butler Signs are a big fan of signage consultants. In fact, we’re a full-service signage company with a team of consultants on hand to help you through your entire project.

We have years of experience consulting large and small clients on a diverse range of projects. If you can imagine it, we’ve probably done it before - to rave reviews!

Your signage project needs to be perfect, and it needs to be stress-free. You need to know that there’s someone else who cares about the outcome just as much as you do - looking out for hiccups, and avoiding pitfalls.

You haven’t got time for mistakes, so let us make the process as smooth as possible.
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