Top 5 Interior Signage Trends

You might not realise it, but interior signage is often just as important (and impactful) as outdoor signs. Indoor signs help visualise your brand’s image beyond your front door, allowing you to show your customers, clients, and employees what your business really stands for.

Interior signage can reflect your forward-thinking mindset or even help express your company’s stance on environmental issues. Not to mention the wonders exceptional signage can do for your social media presence, helping your brand get noticed (and be remembered). So how can you and your company leverage the power of indoor signage?

By staying up-to-date with the latest interior signage trends. Below, you’ll find out more about the top five trends of 2021 to take advantage of today.

1. Panelling

Wood Slat

The first interior signage trend is panelling. Adding panels to walls helps give a room a more finished, warm look and feel. Whether subtle or bold, the right panelling can help turn a boring room into a vibrant space.

There are many ways in which you can introduce wall panelling into your company’s interior design. From stylish, decorative wall panels in your office’s hallways to a feature wall incorporating your company’s logo inside the panels.

2. Bringing the outside in

Moss Sign Trays

The world is growing more environmentally conscious every day. By using green, nature-inspired wall signage you can show your customers and employees that you and your brand care about the environment.

Example designs include moss walls, moss letters, and nature walls. Note that these signs are often (ironically enough) not made from eco-friendly material, but they do help portray that image for your brand.

3. Industrial signage

Industrial Signage

An interior signage trend that has been around for a few years now, but which is still incredibly popular, is the use of industrial signs.

This type of signage uses raw materials (e.g. chipboard or bare metal), rust effect, scaffold framework, or similar industrial elements to add visual effects to often unfinished, industrial surroundings. It is function over style but, in doing so, a style in itself as well.

Common applications range from hipster coffee shops to co-working spaces to trendy offices.

4. Illumination

Light Bars

You will often see bright neon lights in combination with industrial signage, but a particularly popular interior signage trend at the moment is the use of light bar walls.

This type of signage is only used indoors and in vertical stripes, displaying bright and vibrant colours. It gives your building’s interior design a modern, aesthetically pleasing look that inspires and helps uplift your mood (and that of your visitors).

5. Wallpaper


You can also choose custom wallpaper and wall coverage to give a truly artistic touch to your indoor design. With wallpaper, you can really go in any direction you like. From massive numbers to wayfinding decals to beautiful office branding.

You can use small details throughout your building to add a playful element or go all-out with a metres-wide piece of wall art in your company’s reception. Now that’s a way to impress new clients!

To wrap things up...

Although people often think of outside signs first when they hear the term signage you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of great indoor signs. And if you follow these five interior signage trends you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, clients, and employees alike.

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